charger >> 3-Port SuperSpeed USB Hub with USB3.0*1, type-c*1, HDMI *1

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3-Port SuperSpeed USB Hub with USB3.0*1, type-c*1, HDMI *1


Description & Specification:
1)3-Port SuperSpeed USB Hub with USB3.0*1, type-c*1, HDMI *1, and data Transfer Rates up to 5 Gbps
2)Super speed type-c interface, positive and negative follow your inclinations
3)High Quality frosted ABS Material with Excellent Workmanship
4)Compatible with Windows XP、Vista,7,8,8.1.10,Mac OS and Linux
5)4 layers PCB processing technology to increase the ability of anti-interference and the stability of data transmission
6)Support the function of PD unidirectional power supply
7)Interface:USB3.0 *1   TYPE-C*1   HDMI *1
8)Color: Silver
9)Size(L*W*H): 80*80*17(mm)

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